The Sciences of the Artificial - 3rd Edition

by Herbert A Simon

Book Reviews

  • More: + The Sciences of the Artificial + Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming (the first Norvig book, not the second) + Edward Abbey + The Sermon on the Mount + "The Starship and the Canoe" + Freeman DysonLink to Tweet
  • @bunchprice Herbert Simon - who introduced the story - never built large software-intensive systems. That being said, read all of his “Sciences of the Artificial”: there is considerable nuance in his study of complexity (nuanced I talked about a lot in my OOAD book).Link to Tweet
  • @RhysLindmark Yes, David's book (indeed, both) are just wonderful. Reminds me of Herb Simon's "Sciences of the Artificial", another of my favorite books. I should really read Merchants of Doubt!Link to Tweet
  • @jon_moore @mtnygard All that is old is new again. I don't think those concepts ever went out of style; the were always there, but just hidden by the latest shiny thing. to Tweet

About Book

"People sometimes ask me what they should read to find out about artificial intelligence. Herbert Simon's book The Sciences of the Artificial is always on the list I give them. Every page issues a challenge to conventional thinking, and the layman who digests it well will certainly understand what the field of artificial intelligence hopes to accomplish. I recommend it in the same spirit that I recommend Freud to people who ask about psychoanalysis, or Piaget to those who ask about child psychology: If you want to learn about a subject, start by reading its founding fathers." -- George A. Miller, "Complex Information Processing" Continuing his exploration of the organization of complexity and the science of design, this new edition of Herbert Simon's classic work on artificial intelligence adds a chapter that sorts out the current themes and tools -- chaos, adaptive systems, genetic algorithms -- for analyzing complexity and complex systems.