Thinking in Systems

by Donella H. Meadows

Book Reviews

  • A good way to go about this - which helps achieve the same result - is systems thinking. Eg via the book “Thinking in Systems: a primer” Companies are systems, governments are systems, ran by people - for the most part - acting rationally and predictably.Link to Tweet
  • @biglovisa @thejonanshow I came here to recommend this book, too! It's really great for understanding systems as they manifest across domains (tech, economies, ecologies, organizations, cities, etc). The chapter on System Traps is my favorite.Link to Tweet
  • @BooksChatterBot This is a cool idea! Please add all the books found at the following link. These are the best of the best - the top 5% of what is now over 600 books read and summarized to Tweet
  • Want to better understand the far-reaching consequences of a Pandemic or a week to several months of halting an Economy or the Long Term Training of Athletes? The book “Thinking in System” offers a significant upgrade for how to understand changes, big and small, impact so much. to Tweet
  • @mrchrisadams I've read it and it's a good book. I want to be a systems thinker but I know that awareness of it and desire to be a systems thinker won't make me a systems thinker. Our world is far more complex than whatever systems we can model.Link to Tweet
  • @buster Thanks for sharing. I'll take a look. You've probably read it, but her book Thinking in Systems is solid as well.Link to Tweet