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  • @TheOtherParvez @AsthaRattan @kunaaaaaal @schlagetown @AlexGant16 @_chtg @aboli_badhan @candacewwu @pasha_aqil 👋 The last book I read was @sbkaufman's Transcendence - I loved it! Been trying to read more essays / "classic" online articles. My favorite was Joan Didion's on self-respect: How about you - anything catching you eye lately?Link to Tweet
  • After beginning @sbkaufman's latest—it soon became clear that it's contents offered a complete software update: The latest findings across evolutionary, personality+organizational psychology, cybernetics & neuroscience Synthesized masterfully—TRANSCEND is the perfect📖4our time to Tweet

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When positive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman first discovered Maslow's unfinished theory of transcendence, sprinkled throughout a cache of unpublished journals, he felt a deep resonance with his own work and life. In this groundbreaking book, Kaufman picks up where Maslow left off, unraveling the mysteries of his unfinished theory, and integrating these ideas with the latest research on attachment, connection, exploration, love, purpose and other building blocks of a life well lived. Maslow's model provides a roadmap for finding purpose and fulfillment--not by striving for money, success, or "happiness," but by becoming the best version of ourselves, or what Maslow called self-actualization. Transcend reveals a level of human potential that's even higher, which Maslow termed "transcendence." Beyond individual fulfillment, this way of being--which taps into the whole person-- connects us not only to our best self, but also to one another. With never-before-published insights and new research findings, along with thought-provoking examples and personality tests, this empowering book is a manual for self-analysis and nurturing a deeper connection with our highest potential-- and beyond.

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