by David Daley

Book Reviews

  • If you need a hopeful read about the future of democracy, @davedaley3's *fantastic* book, "Unrigged," is out in paperback. If you missed it when it came out in March (which was somehow 10 months ago!?!? and also is still happening?) get this book now. https://t.co/BuhFsSbkhLLink to Tweet
  • A win-win if you need an optimistic book to read during these hard times AND you want to support @runforsomething. https://t.co/QCG0mOAV81Link to Tweet
  • If you’re looking for an uplifting read about how real people are doing the hard work of fixing democracy one knocked door at a time, pre-order @davedaley3’s new book — shown here w/ Sadie, who, despite her face, enjoys hanging out while I read. https://t.co/7vCVU7syuz https://t.co/Z6fdjE8HNzLink to Tweet