Who Is Michael Ovitz?

by Michael Ovitz

Book Reviews

  • @RuncieDan It’s one of my favorite books in the last few years. A lot of his philosophy around the agent-actor relationships can be applied to VC-founder relationshipsLink to Tweet
  • Book 2 Lessons: -The truth is the ultimate sales tool. -Favors come back around. -No conflict, no interest. https://t.co/ISNQ282cwwLink to Tweet
  • I recently finished Mike Ovitz’s “Who is Mike Ovitz,” and I was blown away. I’m actually listening to it a second time, and he’s committed to coming on the podcast this year. Continue 👉 https://t.co/ysV8VHWolc https://t.co/RDWOqvxjalLink to Tweet

About Book

If you're going to read one book about Hollywood, this is the one. As co-founder of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Michael Ovitz earned a reputation for ruthless negotiation, brilliant strategy and fierce loyalty to his clients. He reinvented the role of the agent and helped shape the careers of hundreds of A-list stars and directors, including Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, Sean Connery, Steven Seagal, Bill Murray, Robin Williams and David Letterman. But this personal history is much more than celebrity friendships and bare-knuckled deal-making. It's an underdog's story: How did a kid with no connections work his way into the William Morris mailroom, and become the most powerful person in Hollywood? How did a superagent also become a power in producing, advertising, mergers & acquisitions and modern art? And what were the personal consequences of all those deals? After decades of near-silence in the face of intense controversy, Michael Ovitz is finally telling his whole story in this blistering, unforgettable memoir.

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