Wing Leader

by Johnnie Johnson

Book Reviews

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  • @mckaywrigley White's Medieval Technology and Social Change, Fletcher's Moorish Spain, Johnson's Wing Leader, Girouard's Life in the English Country House, Liddell Hart's The German Generals Talk.Link to Tweet

About Book

The thrilling story of the top-scoring Allied fighter pilot of the 2nd World War 'Johnnie' Johnson, who served with Fighter Command squadrons throughout the war, scoring his 38th and final victory in September 1944. From the moment the author joins his first operational Spitfire squadron in August 1940, the reader is taken on an epic journey through the great aerial fighter actions of the war. The events in which Johnson participated included the Battle of Britain, sweeps across the Channel and over France, the unsuccessful Allied raid on Dieppe, the D-Day landings in Normand and finally operations across the Rhine and into the heart of Germany itself which led to the final victory over the Nazi regime.