Women of the Klan

by Kathleen M. Blee

Category: History

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  • @Noahpinion @DKThomp I don't think we have a canonical study of the new white supremacists, yet, but historical studies show a lot of wanting to maintain supremacy for reasons of their own interests (as opposed to just fanatics with personal voids). Classic on this: https://t.co/pZtqPFc2T4Link to Tweet

About Book

Ignorant. Brutal. Male. One of these stereotypes of the Ku Klux Klan offers a misleading picture. In Women of the Klan, sociologist Kathleen M. Blee dismantles the popular notion that politically involved women are always inspired by pacifism, equality, and justice. In her new preface, Blee reflects on how recent scholarship on gender and right-wing extremism suggests new ways to understand women's place in the 1920s Klan's crusade for white and Christian supremacy.

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