Working in Public

by Nadia Eghbal

Book Reviews

  • People feeling they are entitiled to something which another person does for free, in their free time is bonkers, but it's how it is. The book The Making and Maintenance of Open Source has been an eye-opening read for me. Highly recommended: to Tweet
  • For more fun meditations on this, see @nayafia’s book Working In Public: (which I am about two chapters into and am enjoying so far)Link to Tweet
  • And if you haven't seen our Interintellect Talks series -- not as conversational as Salons but fascinating deep dives for our community and beyond -- Check out the one with @nayafia about her book Working in Public, a new Bible for all things Open Source: to Tweet
  • The weirdest thing I could tell non-tech people about how the tech world works is this: The entire tech world runs largely on free software written by volunteers, and everything you touch sits above that base. @nayafia has written THE book documenting that astounding reality. to Tweet
  • This is now out on Kindle for $10. Nadia is very smart and it’s worth reading anything she writes on open source. to Tweet
  • Open-source started with developers, but today we can all learn from the basics Working in Public is how we meet like-minded people, find our next role, become a better contributor & feel connected to a community to Tweet
  • Whoo! Excited to see @nayafia's book "Working in Public: The Making & Maintenance of Open Source Software" now for pre-order If you haven't seen her "Roads&Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure" it's a classic to Tweet
  • OH MY GOD @nayafia's book is out!!!!!!! One of the most shining minds of our generation, I have been waiting for this moment for years ✨ Congratulations, my friend! Here's to your first book of many to come! 🍾 to Tweet
  • Now available for pre-order! "Nadia writes from a unique perspective at the intersection of open source, economics, and poetry. This is the definitive book on the dynamics of online creative communities." --Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub to Tweet