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    A Girl Called Ari

    by P. J. Sky

    "It's been a hot minute since I've read a book that fits so well into the dystopian genre" - Witty & Sarcastic Book Club "You MUST MUST MUST read the book. Oh, and watch out for crocodiles!" - Taryn, Dragons Codex "The absolute strength of the book is the ongoing dynamic and developing relationship between the two which always feels natural and believable" - Bookends & Bagends In a distant future... A world divided... A walled city in a devastated wasteland... a struggle for power becomes a struggle to survive... with friends like these, who needs enemies? How would you survive beyond the comfortable walls of your world? For Starla, a struggle for power becomes a struggle for survival when she finds herself on the wrong side of the wall. Fleeing her abductors and lost in the wasteland, she faces starvation, warring factions, bloodthirsty creatures, and the endless burning sun. And then there's Ari... who is she really? And can she really trust this girl from the wasteland to lead her back to the city gates? One thing's for sure, Starla's once privileged life will never be the same...
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    Fast Cash

    by Rob Clooney

    Aaron loves mixed martial arts, with hopes of competing for the top fighting promotion in the world. The standout wrestler is willing to do whatever it takes, moving near a highly acclaimed training center. His workweek is long, leaving little time for training. Struggling to find balance between work and chasing his lifelong passion, Aaron's life has become unmanageable...until he's offered a job as a stripper. Aaron quickly learns there's no such thing as easy money. How far is he willing to go to turn his childhood dreams into reality? Can he handle the nightmares? What is Aaron willing to do in exchange for Fast Cash? About the author: Rob Clooney is an All-World member of the U.S. Wrestling Team and longtime veteran of the squared circle. Follow Rob Clooney.
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    Dark Ocean

    by Patrick Carpenter

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    The Green Signal

    by Manishi Gupta

    Give yourself "The Green Signal "to be surrounded with positivity, to believe in yourself, love unconditionally with gratitude, without vengeance, be prudent and unlock your happiness. Feel the power of love, God and enjoy parenthood. This book is a collection of my memories, experiences, learnings, virtues, wisdom, and positivity in the form of poems. I wish people to relate and resonate get inspired and motivated to make a difference to their being. Each poem has a thoughtful message, with an aim to spread optimism, with a virtue to embrace.Its a book comprising of 17 poems categorised into 3 sections namely Virtue, Positivity & Emotions. The poems are not in the usual lyrical format but more informal with slant rhymes, thus making them more readable and easy to decipher. They primarily focus on day to day attitude, relationships like of and with a Mother, Father, Children, Self and various other emotions one goes through. One can easily relate to the deep meaning each poem intents to deliver, irrespective of age or gender of the reader. They are written in simple language, yet with a strong very positive, thought provoking messaging. It is a happy, optimistic, warm read which can be referred in dull days.
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    The Pineys

    by Tony DiGerolamo

    The Galloways have been hunting a special kind of "deer" in the South Jersey Pine Barrens for over 250 years. In the next village over, their rivals, the Usteads, have always been jealous of them. They've had a feud going back so long, almost no one remembers why. And for as lucky as the Galloways have been, the Usteads have been unlucky.But when Gary Ustead stumbles upon an item to change that luck, Hemingway Galloway starts to lose his mojo, while the normally unlucky Lewis starts the streak of his life. Meanwhile, a romance is brewing between one of Galloways and one of the Usteads, while still another pair of crossed lovers are just messing around.So grab your Wawa hoagie, load up your silver bullets and get ready to hunt some "deer" because this time the Galloway cousins are more cursed than ever.
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    The Hidden Scar

    by Sabrina Oyinloye

    The consequences of a one night of passionate encounter forced a reclusive, professional soccer player to reckon with a scar so deep, and a past deeply buried for seventeen years!
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    by Sabrina Oyinloye

    SYNOPSISPrince Omotade Braithwaite has it all: Good looks, Wealth, Dynasty. A Pool of women, everything that could make him just the perfect Prince Charming. Then he met the one woman whom he could give it all up for, but she has her reserves about his kind. Public Humiliation, Weaknesses, Imperfection; those were the most dreaded words in Tatiana Keisha Tejuade's vocabulary. And then she met Prince Omotade Braithwaite who lived his life somewhat like a reality star. Wouldn't she be digging her own grave if she allowed herself to fall for him?Adegoke Daniels is Prince Omotade's half-brother, who'd lived all his life in his shadow, but secretly wished he could have everything Tade has - everything.
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    Console Wars

    by Blake J. Harris

    In 1990 Nintendo had a virtual monopoly on the video game industry. Sega, on the other hand, was a faltering arcade company with big aspirations and even bigger personalities. But that would all change with the arrival of Tom Kalinske, a man who knew nothing about video games and everything about fighting uphill battles. His unconventional tactics, combined with the blood, sweat and bold ideas of his renegade employees, transformed Sega and eventually led to a ruthless David-and-Goliath showdown with rival Nintendo. The battle was vicious, relentless and highly profitable, eventually sparking a global corporate war that would be fought on several fronts: from living rooms and schoolyards to boardrooms and Congress. It was a once-in-a-lifetime, no-holds-barred conflict that pitted brother against brother, kid against adult, Sonic against Mario, and the US against Japan. Console Wars is the underdog tale of how Kalinske miraculously turned an industry punchline into a market leader. It's the story of how a humble family man, with an extraordinary imagination and a gift for turning problems into competitive advantages, inspired a team of underdogs to slay a giant and, as a result, birth a $60 billion dollar industry.
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    The Woman in the Window

    by A. J. Finn

    #1 New York Times Bestseller – Soon to be a Major Motion Picture starring Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, and Gary Oldman “Astounding. Thrilling. Amazing.” —Gillian Flynn “Unputdownable.” —Stephen King “A dark, twisty confection.” —Ruth Ware “Absolutely gripping.” —Louise Penny For readers of Gillian Flynn and Tana French comes one of the decade’s most anticipated debuts, to be published in thirty-six languages around the world and already in development as a major film from Fox: a twisty, powerful Hitchcockian thriller about an agoraphobic woman who believes she witnessed a crime in a neighboring house. It isn’t paranoia if it’s really happening . . . Anna Fox lives alone—a recluse in her New York City home, unable to venture outside. She spends her day drinking wine (maybe too much), watching old movies, recalling happier times . . . and spying on her neighbors. Then the Russells move into the house across the way: a father, a mother, their teenage son. The perfect family. But when Anna, gazing out her window one night, sees something she shouldn’t, her world begins to crumble—and its shocking secrets are laid bare. What is real? What is imagined? Who is in danger? Who is in control? In this diabolically gripping thriller, no one—and nothing—is what it seems. Twisty and powerful, ingenious and moving, The Woman in the Window is a smart, sophisticated novel of psychological suspense that recalls the best of Hitchcock.
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    by Sabrina Oyinloye

    SYNOPSISMofe Ibru was a man haunted by a painful past and had learnt to live his life without unnecessary emotional entanglement. His father; Hector Ibru, decided to remarry, and he brought home a young bride that awakened an unyielding flame of passion even he was not able to deny.Annabella Banks was a psychologist who often takes on part-time gigs as an actress to pay her college debt arrears. When Hector Ibru asked her to marry him under false pretence, she'd accepted after she saw the picture of his handsome, brooding son. Playing pretend as never been so thrilling, but then when it turned to her reality, no acting skill could protect her from the enigma called Mofe Ibru.
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    The Troop

    by Nick Cutter

    WINNER OF THE JAMES HERBERT AWARD FOR HORROR WRITING “The Troop scared the hell out of me, and I couldn’t put it down. This is old-school horror at its best.” —Stephen King Once every year, Scoutmaster Tim Riggs leads a troop of boys into the Canadian wilderness for a weekend camping trip—a tradition as comforting and reliable as a good ghost story around a roaring bonfire. But when an unexpected intruder stumbles upon their campsite—shockingly thin, disturbingly pale, and voraciously hungry—Tim and the boys are exposed to something far more frightening than any tale of terror. The human carrier of a bioengineered nightmare. A horror that spreads faster than fear. A harrowing struggle for survival with no escape from the elements, the infected…or one another. Part Lord of the Flies, part 28 Days Later—and all-consuming—this tightly written, edge-of-your-seat thriller takes you deep into the heart of darkness, where fear feeds on sanity…and terror hungers for more.
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    The House On Blackstone Hill

    by Antonio Ricardo Scozze

    Adam Long is an award-winning journalist, trying to come to terms with the professional consequences of quashing a controversial news story that has ruined his reputation. His life changes after he and his wife Ava move to a colonial mansion. Adam seems obsessed with the building, which has a long, dark history of madness and murder. Digging deeper, Ava realizes that the horror in the old mansion is much darker than they could have ever expected. But can she protect her family - and save his husband's sanity - or will they both lose their lives to the darkness that lives in The House on Blackstone Hill?
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    by Maggie O'Farrell

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    The Last Dragon Riders of Eleanthra

    by L. A. Stinnett

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    by S. Z. Attwell

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    Where Darkness Meets Light

    by Sabrine Elouali

    A poetry collection depicting the trials and tribulations of living with mental illness and the journey of one girl's struggles to try and overcome them. From the difficult beginnings of life that contributed to her illnesses, to the present day where she still faces her demons day in day out. Full of harsh truths, comforting truths, and humbling truths. A book that will have you reflecting on your own life, where you can make changes, improvements and start to really challenge your regular ways of thinking. Featuring descriptions of hope as well as woeful testimonies, each poem illustrates the thoughts and emotions this young woman has gone through and continues to go through. Having written this book to inspire, and open the eyes of all who come across it, as well as hopes of breaking the stigmas around mental health and mental illness.
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    The Things They Carried

    by Tim O'Brien

    A classic work of American literature that has not stopped changing minds and lives since it burst onto the literary scene, The Things They Carried is a ground-breaking meditation on war, memory, imagination, and the redemptive power of storytelling. The Things They Carried depicts the men of Alpha Company: Jimmy Cross, Henry Dobbins, Rat Kiley, Mitchell Sanders, Norman Bowker, Kiowa, and the character Tim O’Brien, who has survived his tour in Vietnam to become a father and writer at the age of forty-three. Taught everywhere—from high school classrooms to graduate seminars in creative writing—it has become required reading for any American and continues to challenge readers in their perceptions of fact and fiction, war and peace, courage and fear and longing. The Things They Carried won France's prestigious Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger and the Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize; it was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award.
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    by Leon J. Podles

    Sacrilege explores the deep roots of the Catholic Church's sexual-abuse scandal, revealing its full depth and breadth. In horrifying yet necessary detail, former federal investigator Leon Podles surveys the full extent of the damage, showing how victims were failed by bishops, laity, therapists, police, courts, press, and even popes. Examining the history behind today's headlines, Dr. Podles reveals how centuries-old theological errors encouraged blind submission to hierarchy, by making obedience to authority the highest virtue. He also shines a light on the new theological errors, popularized since Vatican II, that glorify every type of sexual expression--including pedophilia. Sacrilege will prove an essential resource for all those concerned with the history and future of Catholicism.
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    Buying and Selling

    by Shanti Graheli

    Buying and Selling explores the business of books in and beyond Europe, investigating the practices adopted by traders and customers.
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    The Contortionist's Handbook

    by Craig Clevenger

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    A Love That Transforms

    by Mr. Kevin J Ray

    Do you or someone you know of struggle with dating and relationships? Situationships is the new term for the dating scene currently on display for the millennial. Situationship -Let's just chill, have sex, and be confused on the fact that we are not together but have official emotions for each other. Author Kevin Ray helps people be intentional about dating,avoid toxic "situationships" that drain people, and be on mission for marriage. Single, Satisfied, or Married. No one is safe; not even me lol. There's something for everybody in this
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    The Key Masters of Telemma

    by J.S. Frankel

    Bill Newell and Carla Meadows, both seventeen and both dying, live out their final days in a palliative care center in Portland, Oregon. Bill has no hope of recovering, but the appearance of a strange key on his bed one day intrigues him. Carla receives the same key, and soon they find themselves in a pocket universe ruled by one being, a being-not-a-being named Malgorath who wields immense power. Malgorath makes them a deal. Find four keys, ones of silver, gold, glass, and paper, and return them to him. Upon their retrieval, he will cure them of their illness and send them back to Earth. For Malgorath, the keys are the key to finding Falnarth, a mythical world that holds many secrets. Bill and Carla have no secrets to discover, save life. With no choice in the matter, they agree to the terms and soon find themselves journeying to worlds of silver, gold—ruled by robots—glass, ruled by a power-mad queen, and one of wood. Each key’s retrieval is more dangerous than the last but Bill and Carla are determined to succeed in their quest. However, they soon realize that Malgorath has his own agenda, and they must do everything in their power before the demon can fuse the keys together and destroy—and recreate—the universe.