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    The Road to Success

    by Brandon T. Adams

    Within The Road to Success, Brandon T. Adams and Samantha Rossin share every success and failure to ensure readers have the tools necessary to succeed in the world as it is today. Brandon T. Adams and Samantha Rossin, a newly engaged couple, spent 2018 traveling the country on a mission to find the true meaning of success before they tie the knot in marriage. Along the way, they experienced life with individuals who had achieved their own unconventional versions of success. Throughout The Road to Success, Brandon and Samantha bring readers into their own journey as a couple and share with them the lessons they learned that can help one discover their own meaning of success. Each success story and obstacle has its own lessons that provides readers with the wisdom necessary to achieve their own version of success in business, life, and love. After reading The Road to Success, readers find the answers they have been looking for to achieve their own success and happiness in life.
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    by Mike Johnston

    Used in the Pharmacy Technician Sequence and specifically the Compounding course at a two year and career college. The Perfect Balance!! The National Pharmacy Technician Association endorses this comprehensive series. It helps students achieve the perfect balance of the complex skills and the professional demeanor necessary for the increasingly important role of a Pharmacy Technician.
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    The Blank Canvas

    by Anna Held Audette

    The Blank Canvas offers solid advice for everyone who struggles with artist's block or other problems of creative expression, including: drawing subject matter from unexpected sources, mining one's daily visual responses for images, overcoming self-doubt and criticism, making choices when torn between several ideas, and getting started on assignments.
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    by Shira Shiloah

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    by Damon Centola

    A new, counterintuitive theory for how social networks influence the spread of behavior New social movements, technologies, and public-health initiatives often struggle to take off, yet many diseases disperse rapidly without issue. Can the lessons learned from the viral diffusion of diseases improve the spread of beneficial behaviors and innovations? How Behavior Spreads presents over a decade of original research examining how changes in societal behavior—in voting, health, technology, and finance—occur and the ways social networks can be used to influence how they propagate. Damon Centola's startling findings show that the same conditions that accelerate the viral expansion of an epidemic unexpectedly inhibit the spread of behaviors. How Behavior Spreads is a must-read for anyone interested in how the theory of social networks can transform our world.
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    The Rising

    by Tim LaHaye

    The Rising begins a new Left Behind series that will give you a glimpse into the lives of your favorite characters before the Rapture. Have you ever wondered what life was like before the Rapture for Rayford, Irene, and Chloe Steele, Bruce Barnes, Buck Williams, and Tsion Ben Judah? Plus, see why Viv Ivins plays such a pivotal role in Nicolae Carpathia’s life. What were the events surrounding Nicolae’s sudden rise to power? How did he become filled with evil? You will find all these answers and more in this exciting new series! In The Rising, Marilena Carpathia has only one dream: to be a mother. So when a mysterious clairvoyant promises the fulfillment of this dream, Marilena does not hesitate. Through genetic engineering and the power of the prince of darkness himself, Marilena is about to become a chosen vessel, one who will unknowingly give birth to the greatest evil the world has ever known. Halfway around the world, God’s plans are subtly being carried out too. Young Ray Steele is determined to avoid one day taking over the family business. Instead, Ray sets his heart on becoming a pilot. Soon Carpathia’s and Steele’s lives will intersect. And good and evil will clash in an explosion that will shake the world. The eternal battle for souls has come to earth. The world hurtles toward the countdown to the Rapture.
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    The Classroom

    by Clint Rutledge

    Looking for a way to build unity, focus, and a common sense of purpose with your Team or your Coaching Staff? The Classroom Study Guide is designed for just that! It is a road map to success in team building and character development. Through 12 different sessions, The Classroom Study Guide will help you address the importance of attitude, goal setting, self-evaluations, expectations, and how to master the seven traits of a winner. Built to accompany the book, this study guide will walk you through the same program that became the foundation for one of the most successful programs in the history of Texas High School Football.
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    by Eric Greitens Navy SEAL

    The Navy SEAL, humanitarian and best-selling author of The Heart and the Fist draws on ancient wisdom and personal experience to counsel readers on how to promote personal resilience and overcome obstacles through positive action. 100,000 first printing.