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    The Goal

    by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

    "Includes case study interviews"--Cover.
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    The Gold Mine

    by Freddy Balle

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    Guard of Honor

    by James Gould Cozzens

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    The Fountainhead

    by Ayn Rand

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    The Phoenix Project

    by Gene Kim

    Bill has 90 days to fix a behind-schedule IT project, or his entire department will be outsourced. Fortunately, he has the help of a prospective board member, whose "Three Ways" philosophy might just save the day.
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    The New Psychology of Leadership


    This ground-breaking book provides a refreshing introduction to the field of leadership and is jam-packed with theoretical and practical insights derived from a wealth of applied scientific research conducted by the authors and their colleagues around the world over the last three decades. It starts from the premise that leadership is never just about leaders. Instead it is about leaders and followers who are joined together as members of a social group that provides them with a sense of shared social identity -- a sense of 'us-ness'. In these terms, leadership is understood as the process through which leaders work with followers to create, represent, advance, and embed this sense of shared social identity. The new edition of this award-winning book presents a wealth of evidence from historical, organizational, political and sporting contexts to provide an expanded exploration of these processes of identity leadership in action. In particular, it builds upon the success of the first edition by examining the operation of identity leadership in contemporary society and fleshing out practical answers to key organizational and institutional challenges. Drawing on real-world examples and rich data sources, this book will appeal to academics, researchers and students of psychology, business and management, as well as to practitioners, policy makers and anyone interested in the workings of leadership, influence and power.
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    American Icon

    by Bryce G. Hoffman

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    Good Profit

    A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In 1961, Charles Koch joined his father's Wichita-based company, then valued at $21 million. Six years later, following his father's death, he was named chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. Today, Koch Industries' estimated worth is $100 billion - making it one of the largest private companies in the world. Koch exceeds the S&P 500's five-decade growth by 27-fold, and plans to double its value on average every six years. What exactly does this company do and why is it so remarkably profitable? While you won't find the Koch name on your stain-resistant carpet, stretch denim jeans, the connectors in your smartphone or your baby's ultra-absorbent diapers, Charles Koch's Market-Based Management� system, intended to generate goodprofit, drove these innovations and many more. Good profit results from products and services that customers vote for freely with their money; products that help improve people's lives. It results from a culture where employees are empowered to act entrepreneurially to discover customer preferences and the best ways to satisfy them. Good profit is the earnings that follow when long-term value is created for everyone - customers, employees, shareholders and society.Readers will learn to: � Craft a vision for how a business can thrive in spite of disruption and ever-changing consumer values � Find and retain a workforce possessing both virtue and talent (the first being the more important) � Award employees with ownership and decision rights based on their comparative advantages and proven contributions, rather than job title � Motivate all employees to maximise their contributions with effectively structured incentives so employees' compensation is limited only by the value they create - not budgets or company-wide policy A must-read for any leader, entrepreneur or student, as well as those who want a more civil, fair and prosperous society, GOOD PROFIT is destined to rank as one of the greatest management books of all time.
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    On Leadership by John W. Gardner (1993-03-12)